Nikolaos T. Athanassoulis

Mr. Nikolaos T. Athanassoulis holds a bachelors degree in Environmental and Natural Resources Management from University of Ioannina, Greece (2006) and an M.Sc. in Energy Management and Environmental Protection Systems, jointly covered by the Chemical Engineering Faculty of National Technical University of Athens and the Department of Industrial Management and Technology of University of Piraeus, Greece (2012). He has also completed the 2,5-year MBA program jointly covered by National Technical University of Athens and Athens University of Economics and Business (2017) specializing in financial and strategical analysis aspects. Currently he is Ph.D candidate in the Laboratory of Industrial and Energy Economics of the Chemical Engineering Faculty of National Technical University of Athens and devoted to the research field of Energy Planning and Sustainable Resource Management culminating in the completion of a thesis on “Techno-economic evaluation of electric traction systems and green technologies in smart cities development”. Mr Athanassoulis has obtained more than 10 years working experience in the environmental and energy consulting aspects, having participated in numerous research projects and environmental impact assessment studies, collaborating with various research institutes, consultancy firms and government agencies.

    • D. Papaioannou, A. Gakis, N.T. Athanassoulis, A. Rigos and A.A. Mamali, “A review of urban sustainability criteria under global warming stress”, Interdisciplinary Environmental Review, 2015 Vol. 16, No.1, pp.17 – 45) DOI:10.1504/IER.2015.069405.
    • N.T. Athanassoulis, A.Tsakanikas and A.G.Kladas, “Smart cities under electric energy trends: From autonomous building directive to prosumer target”, (to be published).
    • N.T. Athanassoulis, A.G.Kladas and A.Tsakanikas “Electric traction and green technologies effect on smart cities development”, (to be published).

    • N.T. Athanassoulis (2006) “Ecological assessment of the conservation status of Aoos river riparian forests in the area of Konitsa”. Library of the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Management, School of Engineering, University of Patras (Greek).
    • N.T. Athanassoulis (2012) “Evaluation of the improvement potential of business environmental performance after implementation of Quality Management Systems (in particular, Environmental Management and Audit Scheme – EMAS). Recording and evaluation of the key environmental aspects of the NACE code catalog (European Classification of Economic Activities)”. Central Library of the National Technical University of Athens (Greek).
    • N.T. Athanassoulis (2017) “Green marketing and Greenwashing. Practical evaluation implementation of Greek customer’s ability to detect deceptive business claims of “Eco-Friendliness” products”. Central Library of the National Technical University of Athens (Greek).

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Nikolaos T. Athanassoulis

MSc, MBA, PhD Candidate



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