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The Department of Science and Technology Policy (DPCT) of the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) (https://portal.ige.unicamp.br/en/node/553) announces the opening of five post-doctoral fellowships in:
(1) System Innovation;
(2) Technology Upgrading, Catching-up;
(3) Research and Innovation Policy Design, Implementation, Evaluation;
(4) Ecosystems for Innovation and Entrepreneurship;
(5) Big Data for Assessing Innovation Processes and Research and Innovation Policy.

These post-doctoral fellowships are attached to the São Paulo Excellence Chair (SPEC) “System Innovation: Organizational Strategy, Research & Innovation Policy Governance” (http://www.ige.unicamp.br/spec) established at DPCT by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP). This SPEC program has just been initiated and will run at UNICAMP for the next five years. The post-doctoral fellowships announced herein are full-time positions for up to two years each.

For more information about these positions, please click here