Seminar of the French Institute of Greece: “Smart Cities: From Ideas to Implementation”

The French Institute of Greece in cooperation with the Laboratory of Industrial and Energy Economics of the National Technical University of Athens organised the seminar Smart Cities: From Ideas to Implementation on Friday, October 10, 2017. The seminar took place at the Auditorium of Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens. It was conducted in the context of the 2nd French-Greek Innovation Forum of MAZINNOV Network.

View the program of the seminar

View the video of the seminar:

Part I: https://vimeo.com/244056500

Part II: https://vimeo.com/244056755

View the article of the newspaper “To Vima” (in Greek)

Yannis Caloghirou, NTUA Professor and Director of the Laboratory of Industrial and Energy Economics, participated in the thematic sessions “How Smart City is defined?” and “Smart Cooperations for Smart Cities“, as well as in the closing of the seminar.

Download here the presentation of Yannis Caloghirou.