Public Policies and Businees Strategies for Science, Technology and Innovation (Science and Technological Policy)

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Post-graduatePublic Policies and Businees Strategies for Science, Technology and Innovation (Science and Technological Policy)Yiannis CaloghirouAimilia ProtogerouPostgraduate ESST, European Programme in Society, Science, and Technology

The course aims to familiarize graduate students with key concepts, different approaches and conceptual models that facilitate the study of phenomena, practices and trends mentioned in the research and scientific activity, knowledge (production and distribution), technology, innovation (technology , organizational etc.), entrepreneurship based on knowledge and technological strategy and policy.

Particular emphasis is given to exploring the phenomena of innovational and technological change. In particular, attempts to highlight the systemic nature of innovation through the study of the development of “national innovation systems”, and the sectoral, regional and wider international innovation systems. Also considered: technological strategy and innovation management in business, the role of innovation and knowledge in fostering economic growth and policies for the production, dissemination and use of scientific and technological knowledge. Particular reference is made to the role of general purpose and especially in ICT technologies.

Finally, as part of the course are examined and specific topics such as innovation and emerging activities / sectors, innovation in traditional low-tech industries, the phenomenon of open and distributed innovation (open and distributed innovation), the role of demanding demand in the diffusion of innovations others

The presentation of the themes accompanied by appropriate quantitative and broader empirical documentation from the Greek and the European and / or international context.