The European Association of Evolutionary Political Economy organizes the symposium “The role of industrial policy in European re-industrialisation” at Krakow on 12-13 May 2016.

The Symposum is jointly organized by Ioanna Kastelli, Laboratory of Industrial and Energy Economics, National Technical University of Athens and Łukasz Mamica, Cracow University of Economics (local organizer), coordinators of the Research Area E1.

NTUA professor Yannis Caloghirou participates as chair in the panel discussion What lessons can be learned from the economic crisis to implement a European industrial policy?” and presents the joint paper with NTUA assistant Professor Aggelos Tsakanikas: “The need for a new industrial policy to “innovate out of the crisis”: the case of Greece”.

Ioanna Kastelli presents the joint paper with Tassos Giannitsis “Linking structural and technological change to industrial recovery in Greece”.

The programme of the symposium is here.

The brief of the symposium is here.

The presentation “Linking structural and technological change to industrial recovery in Greece” by Ioanna Kastelli and Tassos Giannitsis is here.

You can see photos below: