LIEE had a very active participation in the 28th Annual Conference of EAEPE (European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy) that was held in Manchester, UK from 03 to 05 of November 2016 by the Manchester Metropolitan University. The main title and concept of the Conference was “Industrialisation, Socio-Economic Transformation and Institutions“.

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Professor Yannis Caloghirou, Doctor Aimilia Protogerou, Doctor Ioanna Kastelli, PhD Candidate Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos and the LIEE collaborator Glykeria Karagouni participated with paper presentations and/or with a discussant or chairman role in the following five Sessions of two different Research Areas (E1. Industrial Policy and Development, E2. Entrepreneurship and Theory of the Firm):

E2-1: ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND THEORY OF THE FIRM – Resources and capabilities in business entreprises and public organisations

Chair: S. Golesorkhi
Discussant: D. Filiou

  • G. Karagouni, A. Protogerou and Y. Caloghirou: Dynamic entrepreneurial capabilities and dynamic capabilities in low-tech knowledge intensive corporate venturing (εδώ)
  • A. Protogerou and Y. Caloghirou: Do dynamic capabilities matter for young firms’ performance and growth? Evidence from Europe (εδώ)
  • P. Panagiotopoulos: IT resourses and capabilities in the field of local government: The case of Greek Municipalities (εδώ)
  • C. Shephard: Macro and micro sustainability in innovation in the legal services sector and the management of paralegals.

E2-2: ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND THEORY OF THE FIRM – Dynamics of knowledge intensive entrepreneurship

Chair: P. Panagiotopoulos
Discussant: G. Karagouni

  • Y. Caloghirou, A. Protogerou and A. Tsakanikas: Developing a taxonomy for knowledge intensive entrepreneyrship: An empirical study of young European companies (εδώ)
  • A. Protogerou, Y. Caloghirou and A. Tsakanikas: Knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship in high-technology and low-technology manufacturing sectors (εδώ)
  • M. Belitski, B.L. Delgado-Marquez and L. Pedauga: Innovative Networks, Diversity and Proximity: Evidence from UK and entrepreneurial implications
  • Y. Caloghirou, A. Protogerou, A. Tsakanikas and I. Kastelli: High-potential entrepreneurship and engineering graduates in Greece (εδώ)

E1-1: INDUSTRIAL POLICY AND DEVELOPMENT – Linking micro level, institutional context and industrial policy

Chair: R. Nureev
Discussant: Y. Caloghirou

  • P. Debanes: Bureaucrats, disrupters and dinosaurs: Political economy of start-up promotion policies in Korea.
  • S. Klenaber: How do car manufacturers deal with European regulation on pollutant emissions? Toward a political economic framework to understand the micro governance of industrial policy.
  • S. Newman, B. Kilama: Financial Development in Tanzania: challenges for industrial development and job creation.
  • A. Cardenas O´Farrill: Industrial policy in atypical economic contexts: the Cuban biotech industry.

E1-2: INDUSTRIAL POLICY AND DEVELOPMENT – Structural dimensions of industrial policy

Chair: T. Geodecki
Discussant: T. Geodecki

  • C. Carrasco, A. Hernandez-del-Valle: In search of the structural component of the European external imbalances: A proposal.
  • K. Konstantakis, P. Michaelides: Market Structure and R&D in Austria (2008-2015): Schumpeterian Insights via Dynamic Panel Data Analysis.
  • H. Sherry: Industrialising the MENA Region: The Case Study of Lebanon
  • T. Giannitsis, I. Kastelli: Linking structural and institutional change to industrial recovery in Greece. (εδώ)

E1-4: INDUSTRIAL POLICY AND DEVELOPMENT – New challenges for industrial policy

Chair: I. Kastelli
Discussant: A. Botta

  • E. Hollander: Demand shaping and the quadruple challenge for industrial policy.
  • Neto, A. Pelle: EU industry; 2nd league: one or two (or even more) peripheries?
  • Ł. Mamica: Dematerialized and re-dematerialized economy – revolution in industrial policy

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